MP3 WAV Converter

Download Ver. 01.03.26 - für Windows

MP3 WAV Converter will quickly and easily change your MP3 files to WAV files, or WAV files to MP3 files.

Want to get more music on a disk? It’s also great for converting your favorite old collection of WAV files into the space-saving condensed MP3 format. And it’s just an excellent MP3 player and WAV player on its own. Cool interface, easy to use, maximized throughput, superb output quality, batch conversion feature, Play & Convert List auto-save, and of course tech support and help provided.

1. An attractive encoder/decoder interface.
2. MP3 to WAV and WAV to MP3 conversion features are easy to use.
3. Supports MP3 to WAV and WAV to MP3 batch processing.
4. Converts MP3 to CD quality WAV file format “ready to burn”.
5. Automatically normalizes MP3s to a consistent volume level.
6. MP3 to WAV format conversion is fast and of very high quality. (120% increase over previous version).
7. WAV to MP3 format conversion is fast and preserves a high level of CD audio quality. (150% increase over previous version).8.Faster than the Blade encoders and produces an end product of much better quality.
9. MP3 WAV Converter is not only a superb MP3 to WAV and WAV to MP3 converter but also a very fine MP3/WAV player.
10. Supports play of MP3 and WAV files in batches.
11. Supports a Play & Convert List auto-save function that can be completed at any time.
12. Support drag & drop function.


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